Vision Services Plan (VSP)
Eye Exams - Southeast Alaska Locations

Eye exams are an important part of overall healthcare for your entire family, from children to grandparents, and everyone in between. Through a WellVision Exam, Dr. Godnig will get a better view of your eyes. He'll look for eye health problems, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease. He'll also look for signs of health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, as well as vision problems.

Please share with your employees if applicable. Members must contact the doctor in advance to use their VSP benefits.

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Important Notice Regarding Changes to Your Health Plan - Changes Effective May 1, 2014

As described in this notice, the Plan is being changed effective May 1, 2014 to provide additional disease management services and also to require additional payments by participants and beneficiaries who choose not to participate in the disease management program.

In April 2013 plan participants were notified of upcoming changes to the Plan, including a new Disease Management Program. The following information was included into the April 2013 notice of Plan changes:

Disease Management Coming Soon
Lifestyle choices drive most healthcare costs and while the Trustees have now addressed the eligibility issue, making it more fair, the next item which they will be addressing is healthcare costs for those participants who make lifestyle choices resulting in chronic conditions which drive healthcare costs up: obesity, smoking, inactivity, and alcohol/substance abuse. Employees and their dependents will be identified and asked to enroll in the Disease Management program. If they fail to enroll in the program, they will have a higher co-payment and will be required to cover more of their expensive healthcare costs. The difference between the normal plan benefits and the increased member co-payment, for those not participating in the Disease Management program, will not apply towards the member's annual out-of-pocket limit.

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