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It's time for Open Enrollment!
Action Required before December 15, 2014.

Complete Enrollment Form Online

This Open Enrollment period (October 22, 2014 - December 15, 2014) provides you with an opportunity to change your coverage options; effective January 1, 2015, under one of the specific Plan Levels described below as well as the opportunity to add or drop eligible dependents under the Alaska Teamster-Employer Welfare Plan. Late enrollments will NOT be accepted

Enrollment is Quick and Easy!
There are simple ways to complete your Open Enrollment form.

(1) Go to the Open Enrollment Web Portal and complete the enrollment form online. If you complete the form online, you will have completed the enrollment process and you need not send in any other documents unless you are adding dependents.

(2) Alternatively, you can download the enrollment form, complete it, and send it to our office, or stop by our office in Anchorage and we will assist you in completing the form.


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