10.3 Verification of Employment

You may make a written request to the Trust Customer Service Office to find out if a specific employment situation is Suspendible Employment, thereby impacting your retirement benefit. The Trust Customer Service Office will provide a written determination whether the employment is suspendible within 30 days after your request has been received based on the facts you provide, or as soon as reasonably possible.

If additional information is needed, a decision will be made within 30 days of receiving the additional information.

If you work or plan to work after you retire, you must notify the Trust Customer Service Office of your employment. You must provide enough information to determine whether you are working in Suspendible Employment.

The Trustees or Trust Customer Service Office may from time to time request information concerning your employment so that a determination can be made regarding whether the work is Suspendible Employment. This request may be made once in any 12-month period. If you do not respond to this request, your benefit payments may be withheld until you provide the requested information. If your benefit is withheld for a lack of response, it will be reinstated retroactively once a sufficient response is received, assuming any employment you may have engaged in is not suspendible.


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