10.2 Suspension of Benefits

If your benefit payments or increases to future benefit payments must be suspended because you are working in Suspendible Employment, including Covered Employment, the Trust will use the following procedure:

  • You will receive a notice by first class mail or personal delivery. The notice will state the following:
    • specific reasons for the suspension;
    • Plan provisions on which the suspension is based;
    • procedure you must follow to resume benefit payments;
    • specific months to which the suspension applies;
    • if payments were made during the suspension period, the amount of your monthly benefit which will be withheld to offset those payments;
    • references to applicable Department of Labor regulations; and
    • procedure you must follow to request a review of the suspension.
  • Your benefit payments will resume no later than the first day of the third calendar month after the later of:
    • the last calendar month of the suspension period; or
    • the calendar month in which the Trustees receive your written notice that you worked less than 40 hours in Suspendible Employment during a calendar month.

When benefit payments resume, any payments made during the suspension period will be deducted. The first payment is subject to full reduction. Subsequent monthly payments may be reduced by up to 25%. If you die before payments made during the suspension period are fully deducted, the Trust may deduct the remainder from any survivor benefit payable.


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