Hospice care provides medical and supportive care to terminally ill patients during the last months of life, and also provides support for the patient’s family. Hospice care is provided by a licensed facility or organization either on an inpatient basis at a Hospice facility or on an outpatient basis at home. Covered Expenses include the following items:

  • professional services of a Registered Nurse, licensed practical or vocational nurse, or a home health aide.
  • physical, occupational, speech, respiratory or rehabilitation therapy.
  • laboratory services, medical supplies, and oxygen prescribed by a Physician.
  • Medical Social Services furnished to a terminally ill Participant and his or her immediate family. “Medical Social Services” means those counseling services furnished by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or staff member of a licensed social services agency.
  • Bereavement counseling by a licensed social worker or licensed pastoral counselor to assist the family unit during the bereavement period in coping with the death of the terminally ill Participant.