After the Administrative Office processes your claim, it will send the Participant an Explanation of Benefits which gives information about the status of the claim and any deductibles applied.

Any Participant may request that benefits be paid to a provider of covered health services or supplies, or to any other agency that may have provided or paid for any benefits covered by the Plan.

In the event the Trust determines that the Participant is incompetent or incapable and no guardian has been appointed, or in the event the Participant has not provided the Trust with an address at which he can be located for payment, the Trust may, during the lifetime of the Participant, pay any benefit otherwise payable to the Participant to any other person or institution determined by the Trust to have rendered health services to the Participant or to be equitably entitled to payment. In the case of the death of a Participant, before all benefits payable under the Plan have been paid, the Trust may pay any such benefit to any person or institution determined by the Trust to be entitled by the terms of the Plan or otherwise equitably entitled to payment. The remainder of such benefit shall be paid to the Participant’s estate.