A Participant continuing coverage under COBRA is known as a “Qualified Beneficiary.” A Qualified Beneficiary is defined as any Participant who on the day before a Qualifying Event was covered under this Plan by virtue of being on that day either an Eligible Employee, a Retired Participant, the Spouse of an Eligible Employee or Retired Participant, or a Dependent child of an Eligible Employee or Retired Participant.

If during the period of COBRA coverage you have a newborn child or have a child placed with you for adoption, that Dependent Child may be enrolled for coverage for the balance of the period of COBRA coverage on the same terms available to Qualified Beneficiaries. You must notify the Administrative Office and enroll the child no later than 30 days after the birth or placement for adoption. A child born or placed for adoption while you are on COBRA coverage will have all the same COBRA rights as your Dependents who were covered by the Plan before the Qualifying Event that resulted in your loss of coverage.