Funds properly contributed to the Trust by an Employer pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement or Written Agreement are credited to the Employee’s Dollars Bank account. Funds in your Dollars Bank account are used solely to pay the monthly cost for coverage under the Plan at your Plan Level, and cannot be used for any other purpose.

In your Dollars Bank, you can accumulate and retain up to six times the monthly cost of the Plan Level in which you are enrolled. If you change Plan Levels, your maximum Dollars Bank amount will be adjusted at the time of that change.

If no contributions are properly made to your Dollars Bank for a period of 12 consecutive months and in those 12 months you do not have eligibility under the Plan as an Active Employee or under COBRA, your current Dollars Bank account will be permanently forfeited. However, if you provide proof to the Plan that during such a 12-month period without Dollars Bank contributions you have been on an approved military or disability leave and so have retained your employment status with a contributing Employer to the Trust, your Dollars Bank will not be forfeited so long as you retain your employment status with that employer.

Any Active Employee working under a Collective Bargaining Agreement when the Employees covered by that Collective Bargaining Agreement voluntarily terminate participation in the Trust forfeits all amounts remaining in his Dollars Bank at the end of the calendar month immediately following the month in which the Collective Bargaining Agreement providing for participation in the Trust is no longer in effect. Also, any service as an Employee of that Employer will not be considered in determining eligibility to become a Retired Participant.