Letter to Participants


This Summary Plan Description Booklet has been prepared to give you basic information about the benefits available through the Alaska Teamster-Employer Welfare Trust. Summarized in this Booklet are the eligibility requirements that you must satisfy to qualify for benefits, the benefit plans themselves, and procedures for review and appeal of claims. This Booklet provides information about the administration of the program, and your rights under the law.

This Booklet contains descriptions of the Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental, and Time Loss benefits provided by the Trust. It also contains a description of a Vacation Plan that is available to some Eligible Employees. The Vision benefit provided by the Trust is described in a separate booklet and in this Plan. Life Insurance for active employees, medical and prescription drug benefits for Retired Participants covered by Medicare, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits are fully insured and are described in a separate booklet and in this Plan. Covered benefits, coverage limits and exclusions, deductibles, copays, maximum benefits, claim submission requirements, and appeal rules and requirements for Retired Participants covered by Medicare (Medicare Retirees) are specified in a separate booklet provided by TEAMStar and not in this booklet.

The Board of Trustees has the right to amend, change or discontinue (1) the types and amounts of benefits under this Plan, and (2) the rules determining who is eligible for benefits, including those rules providing eligibility pursuant to the Dollars Bank or Lag Period, even if you have already accumulated Dollars Bank credit or satisfied the Lag Period. The Board of Trustees and its Administrative Committee are granted the sole and exclusive discretionary authority to administer and interpret the Plan and all administrative and trust documents, including: making all factual and equitable determinations and deciding coverage, eligibility, participation and the amount of benefits payable (if any), and the meaning and applicability of Plan provisions. Any such determinations shall be conclusive and binding on all parties having dealings with the Plan. The Trust Customer Service Office is the only party authorized by the Board of Trustees to answer questions about the Plan. No Trustee, Employer, Employer Associate or Labor Organization, nor their employees or representatives, have any authority in this regard.

The nature and amount of Plan benefits are always subject to the actual terms of the Plan as it exists at the time the product is dispensed or the services giving rise to the claim are provided, or, in the case of Vacation, Time Loss, Life Insurance or Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits, the time that the event giving rise to the claim occurs. Plan benefits are not guaranteed or lifetime benefits.

We encourage you to read this Booklet carefully prior to obtaining medical care. If you have questions about Plan benefits, please contact the Trust Customer Service Office.

Important Note: Please give special attention to the cost containment features that have been designed by the Trustees to control costs without reducing the level of Medically Necessary care available to you. Also, the Board of Trustees has entered into Preferred Provider arrangements with health care providers that offer their services at discounted rates to Plan Participants. Contact the Trust Customer Service Office for more information.