Open Enrollment Walkthrough

Step 1 — Weigh Your Options & Select Plan Level

The enrollment period begins October 19, 2020, and ends November 21, 2020 for coverage effective January 1, 2021. If you don’t enroll by November 21st your coverage will default automatically to the Plan Level you selected during the previous Open Enrollment Period and your dependents will default automatically to those dependents you currently have enrolled in the Plan. No enrollments will be accepted after November 21st.  Of course, you are permitted to change your Plan Level  at any time if there is a qualifying “special enrollment” event, such as the birth of a child or a marriage.

The Dollars Bank is designed so that you choose the Plan Level which best fits your personal situation—the more people covered, the higher the required contribution amount.

You should consider what other coverage your dependents (if any) have available to them.

Remember: if you need help choosing your level or rate, filling out the appropriate Enrollment Form, or have questions about Open Enrollment, you can drop by our office in Anchorage or call the Trust office at 907-751-9700 or 800-478-4450.

The contributions made by your employer will be used to fund the level you have selected.  If contributions are not adequate to fund the level you select, you may be able to make self-payments to continue coverage.

Plan Levels and Costs

Plan Level Who is Covered Cost per Month
Employee Only Covers only the Eligible Employee $1204
Employee Plus Covers the Eligible Employee and either their Eligible Spouse or their Eligible Children, but not both $1804
Family Covers the Eligible Employee, their Eligible Spouse and their Eligible Children $2406

Composite Rate and Cost

Plan Level Who is Covered Cost per Month
Family Covers the Eligible Employee, their Eligible Spouse and their Eligible Children $1951


Step 2 — Enroll Online or Send in a Paper Form!

An online Enrollment Form is available to participants. If you complete the form online, you will have completed the enrollment process and you do not need to send in any other documents unless you are adding or removing dependents.

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Alternatively, you can download and complete a paper form and send it to our office: