B.5 Re-establishing Participation

If you are not fully vested and do not have an Hour of Work after June 30, 1999, you were required to work 1000 Hours of Work in one or two consecutive Plan Years to re-establish your participation. If you re-established your participation, your prior service could be reinstated. To have service reinstated, you were required to re-establish your participation no later than:

  • five Plan Years following the Break-in-Service; or
  • the number of years equal to your years of Vesting Service following the Break-in-Service. A fraction is treated as one year. (Example: 7.20 years of Vesting Service gives you 8 Plan Years to reinstate.)

If you were 50% vested and received a lump sum payment of your benefit and you subsequently re-establish participation in the Plan, you must also repay the lump sum payment (plus interest) to reinstate the service credited prior to the lump sum payment. The repayment must occur before the earlier of (1) five years after you re-establish participation or (2) five consecutive one-year Breaksin- Service.


Retirement and related ben­efits for participants.