B.1 Vesting in Your Normal Retirement Age Benefit if You Have Not Been a Participant After June 30, 2001.

If you have been a Participant and were not in a Break in Service after June 30, 1999, you become 100% vested after 5 or more years of Vesting Service, as shown in Section 3.1, Vested Percentage. The same is true for service not covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement after June 30, 1989. If you have not been a Participant after June 30, 2001, the Normal Retirement Age vesting rules in Section 3, Vesting otherwise apply, except where it appears in Section 3.2, Vesting Service, 250 hours is increased to 1,000 hours, and where it appears in Section 3.4, Break-in-Service Loss of Benefits before Vesting, 250 hours is increased to 500 hours.


Retirement and related ben­efits for participants.