When you are eligible to retire, you must file a written application for benefits, on a form approved by the Trustees. You may not receive retirement benefits while working in Suspendible Employment depending on the number of hours worked.

Along with forms provided by the Trust Customer Service Office, you must submit all of the following items from your personal records:

  • your certified birth certificate or passport;
  • your Joint Annuitant’s certified birth certificate or passport; and
  • a copy of your marriage certificate.

Retirement forms are available by contacting the Trust Customer Service Office or on our website www.959trusts.com.

The Trust Customer Service Office may require you to submit additional documentation or require that you provide additional information in order to determine whether you are entitled to benefits and the amount of benefits you may receive.

You will select your form of payment when you make application. If you are married, your Spouse must provide written consent if you choose a form of payment other than a Joint Annuity (as described in Section 7.3, Joint Annuity) or if you name another person as your Beneficiary.


Retirement and related ben­efits for participants.