7.2 Five Year Certain Life Annuity

The Five Year Certain Life Annuity pays benefits to you from your Retirement Date until your death. If you die before you receive 60 monthly payments, the remainder of the 60 monthly payments are paid to your Beneficiary. No payments are made to your Beneficiary after the 60th payment.

Your Beneficiary is the person you name at retirement to receive payments if you die before you receive 60 monthly benefit payments. You can name your Spouse or any other person at retirement. Your spouse, if any, must consent to a designation of a beneficiary other than your spouse.

If you do not name a Beneficiary, or if your Beneficiary does not survive you, your benefits are paid equally to the first living persons on the following list:

  • your Spouse
  • your natural or adopted children
  • your parents
  • your brothers and sisters
  • your estate

If more than one person in a category named above survives you, they will receive benefits in equal amounts. If your Beneficiary begins to receive payments but dies before the 60th payment following your retirement, your remaining retirement payments will be made to your next Beneficiary.

If after making reasonable efforts the Plan cannot locate a Beneficiary or a Beneficiary does not timely respond to requests for information, that Beneficiary forfeits all rights under the Plan, and the next Beneficiary will receive benefits. This does not apply to a Beneficiary who is also a Spouse.

The actuarial reduction factors for the Five Year Certain Life Annuity are based on your age at retirement. They range from 99.33% at age 52 to 97.26% at age 65.


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