3.3 Past Vesting Service

The Plan is not required to give Vesting Service for employment with an employer before it became a Contributing Employer. However, when a new group joins the Pension Plan, the Trustees, in their sole discretion, may credit Past Vesting Service based on past work performed with that employer.

Customarily, if the Trustees have decided to grant Past Vesting Service for your group, you will receive credit for one Year of Past Vesting Service for each Year of Vesting Service you earn after the employer begins making Contributions to the Pension Trust on your behalf. In addition, unless otherwise approved by the Trustees, Past Vesting Service will be credited only if you work at least 2,000 Contributory Hours within two years after the date the employer is first required to contribute to the Plan on your behalf. If your employer withdraws from the Pension Plan, your Past Vesting Service may be cancelled.


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