15.5 Description of Collective Bargaining Agreements

This Plan is maintained as a result of collective bargaining between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union No. 959 and various employers. This Plan is funded and maintained by more than 100 separate Collective Bargaining Agreements. These Agreements generally provide that the employers will make Contributions to the Alaska Teamster-Employer Pension Trust for the purpose of enabling the Employees working under these Agreements to participate in the Pension Plan. The Contribution rates are specified in the Agreements.

Copies of these Collective Bargaining Agreements may be obtained by Participants and Beneficiaries upon written request to the Trust Customer Service Office, and are available for examination by eligible individuals at the offices of the Trust Customer Service Office. The Trust Customer Service Office may impose a reasonable charge for the cost of furnishing copies of such Collective Bargaining Agreements.

The Plan is funded solely through employer Contributions, as specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreements. Employee contributions are neither required nor permitted.


Retirement and related ben­efits for participants.