12.2 Beneficiary Survivor Annuity

Your Beneficiary is eligible to receive a death benefit if all the following conditions are met:

  • you die before your Retirement Date;
  • you were vested on the date of your death; and
  • you do not have a Spouse who is eligible for a Surviving Spouse Annuity.

Your eligible Beneficiary will receive 60 monthly benefit payments, beginning as early as the first of the month following your death (assuming proper application is made and there are no disputes regarding the benefit). The amount of the payments will be valued as a Five Year Certain Life Annuity assuming that you had retired the day before your death. If your Beneficiary dies before she or he receives all 60 payments, benefits will be payable to your next Beneficiary.

Your Beneficiary is the individual designated on a Beneficiary designation form provided by the Trust, signed by you and received in the Trust’s offices before your death. If you did not designate a Beneficiary in this manner, your Beneficiary is the same as explained in Section 7.2, Five Year Certain Life Annuity.


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